We are building a powerful community.

We will make sure that our community is well-educated about cryptocurrency and knows how to invest securely and make decent profits from investing the cryptocurrency.


Rangers NFT Club brings a lot of benefits for the NFT holders, and just the perfect information, and make sure that the informations provided in the club is correct and tested a lot of times

This is what the NFT holder can get from this project

  1. Access to the best and already tested courses (Technical analysis, Trading strategy, Money management, On chain analysis …)
  2. Access to the group chat of the NFT holders and cryptocurrency professionals to discuss the cryptocurrency analysis and benefits from each others
  3. Get a premium cryptocurrency signals that can profit from 2x to 10x and more
  4. Gets USDT prizes from completing some tasks
  5. Gets 10 NFT coins every day while you’re holding your NFT.
  6. More to come…

The MAJOR Problem Problem

The cryptocurrency industry is really a big place to invest, you can make a lot of profit also you can make a big loss, so for beginners you can easily lost yourself in this big space, so Rangers NFT Club comes with the solution for this problem.

Following Influencers

  • Influencers can publish a lot of projects but without following them, and this is a problem
  • Sponsored content which May can be a big risk
  • Anyone can publish a video about random coin

Join to a free groups

  • Being with a lot of people can get you to not be focused
  • Bad energy
  • Even if you publish a good project there is always someone that will write a negative comment and that will make you doubt yourself

Crypto analysis mistakes

  • Watching a lot of YouTube tutorials can get you lost in this big space
  • Jumping from strategy to another strategy
  • Get confused because anyone can publish crypto analysis

Risking your capital

  • Putting your money at risk by following random people
  • Any small pull back or correction of your coins will make you to be not confident and may be make you lose your trad.


The solution that this NFT project provides is simple and effective, any holder of this NFT can learn about cryptocurrencys, and how to invest properly, by applying the courses that you learned, you will pass through multiple steps to make sure that you invests the right way

Premium Group

There will be people like you want to learn and share their knowledge together.

Premium signals

As you are learning and applying the courses, you will be also having some good crypto calls that will make you profit

Positive vibes

All members will be helping each others and there will not be a negative comments only the positivity

Strong community

You will be with the best community in the space, and have a big Edge compared to an individual investors


Coming soon …


Q4 2021

- Create the NFT set
- NFT private sale
- NFT public sale
- Start the technical analysis course
- Group Chat - VIP Signals

Q1 2022

- Continue the technical analysis course
- Trading strategy course
- Money management
- Create a shared wallet when we hit the goal

Q2 2022

More to come ...

Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below we provide some answers about the Rangers NFT project to some common questions that are being

When you join to the Rangers Club you will benefit from a lot of courses about how to trade and how to make money in cryptocurrency, also you will have access to a group of people like you want to learn about cryptocurrency to share their knowledge so you will be very professional in the long run

Yes, every course and every strategy that I will share in the Rangers Club is tested and backed up, also you can find the results In The Crypto Rangers YouTube channel and a telegram VIP channel.

Yes of course you can sell it, but if you do you will lose access to the Rangers Club.

I will publish a video explaining how to buy the NFT in the near future.

Yes the gas fees will be below $2.


Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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